My trip to Bellagio Italy took a giant leap to the top of my list primarily due to the elegant 1880’s Hotel Belvedere.  Located near the Alps, the breathtaking view is only surpassed by it’s close proximity to Lake Como, the Giardini di Villa Metzi, and Pescallo Bay.  I truly escaped to a wonderful new world when I arrived in Bellagio.
My Favorite Travel Destinations

Patti Leo Bath


Patti Leo Bath is a nurse informaticist with a love for words and stories. Her first publication was the two-time award-winning short story “Sent back: Imagining the Real Costs of a Family’s End-of-Life Decisions” in The American Journal of Nursing, and it was the first piece of fiction since the journal began in 1900. She was also published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of Canada, “Keeping up with the Newfies." Patti has a travel blog, Saves Lives Will Travel, where you can follow the adventures she has around the world with her husband. When they aren’t traveling, you can find these native Buffalonians at their home in warm, sunny Tampa.


One of my trips to Hawaii brought me to Oahu, the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands.  Suddenly I found myself surrounded by some of the most memorable iconic sites in all my travels.  From the infamous Diamond Head volcano to the entire Pearl Harbor experience, I will never forget Oahu, and rate it one of my top destinations.


Whether traveling to and from London, Paris, Italy, or casually traveling through the incredible scenic route through the Canadian Rockies, train transportation is my favorite!  While on a train, the frantic rush often associated with travel comes to a halt, and you suddenly find yourself enjoying life at your own speed!